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Stuff & Stuff is an Australian design studio currently working with ceramics, leather and jewellery. The design studio is owned and run by two passionate designer-makers, Mel and Adrian, with backgrounds in Industrial Design and teaching. We design and make all of our products in our small Sydney workshop. By choosing to hand make our products, we are able control and take ownership of our process, allowing to us instantly experiment with new ideas and create pieces that are both lovingly handcrafted and original.


Our products exhibit simple aesthetics and function. We are not content with short-lived trends and throwaway products; instead, our range is timeless and designed with durability in mind. We carefully select high quality and locally sourced materials to manufacture our products. Our choice of materials such as ceramic, leather and timbers that develop character with age, add to the durability and timelessness of our products.


Our ceramics are handmade using the slip-casting process, with our original models being hand formed from plaster, clay or foam. Our fully coloured pieces are made by completely staining the porcelain slip. Our marbled pieces involve mixing a range of colours with white inside the plaster mould to produce completely original colours and textures